Before : Right Leg
After : Right Leg
Before : Left Leg
After : Left Leg

Karoen Tan Cheow Lan

Name: K. Tan CL
Age: 59 years old
Concern: Psoriasis

I came to know The A.I.M Therapy through a friend and she tells me how Bioresonance can help me with my body conditions. I went for the Assessment to find the root cause and to understand more what Bioresonance is and can do to help with my conditions as I have tried other treatments (TCM, medications) and none of them helps.

Therapist Jerry Chow is referred by my friend as he sees their family. Not only is he professional in terms of advice and his vast knowledge and experience in skin issues, he has also given me the confidence that I am in good hands and on my way to recovery.

After I finished a therapy course as recommended, my skin condition improved and healed with no more itchiness or scaly patches over my legs and scalp. I used to have bacterial infection at my limbs and now it is gone! Now I am working on other health concerns (3 highs) and skin maintenance with The A.I.M. Therapy to achieve optimal health as Bioresonance works for my overall wellbeing.

Try it and be better! is my advice to all who have yet to try Bioresonance.