Koh Siah Hwee Christina

Name: Koh Siah Hwee Christina
Age: 52 years old
Concern: General Wellbeing

I was recommended to AIM Therapy by a close friend to do a health checkup and assess my overall health for a peace of mind. At the same time, to detect potential signs of degenerating cells in my body. My practitioner, Andy, attended to me since November 2020 who made me feel relieved and satisfied with his therapy treatment. Till today I am continuing my treatment with him. Whenever I have a health question for him, he is knowledgeable and patient to explain in detail to allow me to have better understanding of my body.

I would encourage my friends and relatives if any of them have health related issues and my advice for those who have yet to try Bioresonance is to have trust and faith with the treatment as it works. I also would highly recommend Andy to my friends and relatives as he is friendly, caring and willing to assist if you got health problems. Apart from this, Andy is a person whom you can confide to by putting your faith and trust in him to assure your health matters are in his good hands.