Allergies and related conditions,

such as eczema and asthma

Bioresonance is one of the best tools for getting to the root cause of skin allergies, rashes (commonly called dermatitis) and other irritations such as eczema and psoriasis. Skin problems are always a symptom of something being out of balance within the body, but fortunately bioresonance is a good tool to help the skin heal.

Even though the most basic food allergy test is considered safe and not painful at all, the fact that the skin needs to be pricked is certainly not pleasant for many people. Thus, people with food allergies often seek out alternative methods to test their allergies. Bioresonance therapy is often a preferred alternative method, offering a safe and much less invasive method of testing for foods that a person may experience allergic reactions to.

With bioresonance therapy, electromagnetic waves of certain foods have been programmed into the BICOM device utilized during the test. A DNA sample of the patient is then taken, and different electromagnetic waves are then emitted toward the DNA sample collected. The BICOM device provides the practitioner with information regarding how the DNA sample reacts to the electromagnetic waves that are being sent to it. This provides the practitioner with details on types of foods that the body shows a sensitivity to. The more significant of a reaction, the higher the chance the patient can experience a more severe reaction to that food. This information is then utilized to provide the patient with an extensive overview of what foods their body is sensitive to and what foods they may be allergic to.