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Food that Helps Reduce Symptoms of Dementia

Dementia is described as various symptoms of human cognitive decline involving different underlying disorders that damage language, memory and thinking. Dementia is not a single disease but is a general medical term describing different symptoms affecting a person’s cognition and speech. It’s known that the risks of dementia increase with age, but is not a […]


In today’s toxic world, we absorb, inhale, and ingest chemicals and heavy metals on a daily basis. Bad bacteria and Candida ooze toxins as a part of their metabolism and as they die off. Bi-annual detoxes help to cleanse your body and remove these highly toxic substances, but what about the other 363 days out […]

Strive For An Ultra Healthy Gut

The noble Greek physician Hippocrates, instinctively knew the vital importance of gut health over 2,000 years ago when he stated, “All diseases begin in the GUT!” Yet it’s only in the last twenty years that scientific research has uncovered the fact that a healthy gut is absolutely essential to total health and well-being. The intestinal […]

The Unseen Passengers: Are They Making You Sick?

The best way to describe parasites would be to term them as nasty little organisms that live inside humans. Parasites cannot produce food or energy and need a host body to survive. The primary reason why parasites are very dangerous is they feed off human cells, tissues and toxic waste. When the parasite infection is […]

We Are Hiring

The A.I.M. Therapy is all about helping everyone at their healthiest. We believe that everyone can enjoy a great quality of life, and can continue to do so by enjoying the benefits of Bioresonance Therapy and other services. We welcome suitable candidate who can fulfil the following responsibilities and requirements to join us. Together we […]

Harmful effects of EM Radiation

In today’s society, it is impossible to go even a day without coming into contact with radio, microwave, cell phone, cordless phone, tablet, laptop computer, WiFi routers or Bluetooth-enabled equipment. We can see that most people rely on these technological tools for work, communicating with friends and family, school, and personal enjoyment. What most people […]

Enjoy FREE Allergy or Heavy Metal test!

Having these questions in your mind? Feeling bloated or indigestion after eating? Having rashes or itchy skin? Do not have any clue what are the causes? Do I have heavy metal in my body? How it enters my body? What harm does heavy metal cause? Come and find out more about bioresonance therapy and how […]

Radioactive polonium in cigarette smoke

August 29, 2008 Ed Yong Cigarette smoke has been called many things – smelly, dangerous and cancer-causing for a start. But radioactive? Yes, that too. Tobacco smoke contains a radioactive chemical element called polonium-210. It’s the same substance that poisoned the Russian Alexander Litvinenko in London two years ago. Now, a new study reported in […]

The Telegraph – Alternative health: What is naturopathy?

By Anna Murphy 7:00AM GMT 07 Nov 2014 It is perhaps easier to list what the naturopath Katrin Hempel doesn’t offer her clients than what she does. “Bioresonance and live blood analysis, acupuncture, biopuncture, infusion therapy, oxyvenation…” In her native Germany, the 37-year-old tells me, it is normal for one individual to offer such a […]

Hello from a brand new The A.I.M. Therapy!

Hi all! We are proud to announce that our website, theaimtherapy.com, has gone through a major revamp and is now ready for your patronage! Now, with a better layout and more information on our Bioresonance Therapy and its great benefit to your body, you will be able to learn more about our services. We will […]