• Cancer Support

Cancer support.

The big C word is a disease that brings great fear in everyone. Bioresonance Therapy can bring much comfort and quality of life as part of cancer support!

BICOM Bioresonance can be used alongside with conventional medical treatment. It can be used as a supportive therapy to complement undergoing medical treatments, such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery. BICOM Bioresonance therapy for the use of cancer support are used for the following areas:

  1. Pre and Post-operative therapy;
  2. Removal of electro-smog radiation contamination;
  3. To eliminate scar interferences;
  4. To eliminate the internal toxins;
  5. To stabilise the immune system;
  6. To remove other strains on the body and helping client to maintain positive mental state.

Deteriorated regulation and the balance of the body can be supported through bioresonance therapy. Through this therapy, the side effects of other aggressive therapies can be reduced and the clients’ quality of life improved. 

Here are some examples of our clients whom have found bioresonance therapy useful in helping them while undergoing conventional treatments:


Name: Nurul Indrianti
Age: 37
Concern: Cancer Support Therapy

My son, Danish was diagnosed with Germ Cell Tumor in the brain when he was 8 years old. My husband and I were worried of the side effects of chemotherapy, so we decided to look for ways to help him by doing research on the internet.

We came to know about how the BICOM Bioresonance programme as a cancer support therapy, so after making an appointment we went to see Miss Lynthia in November 2012. She did a thorough check on Danish and explained that bioresonance therapy can eliminate toxins in the body and greatly enhanced the immune system, which is especially important for cancer patient.

We were skeptical at first but was still willing to give it a try with the hope of helping our son. Indeed, he did not suffer any side effects from his chemotherapy, while doing bioresonance therapy at the same time. After several rounds of chemotherapy, his tumor remained the same size and doctor suggested radiotherapy but we were reluctant. Till today, Danish did not go for radiotherapy but continues his bioresonance therapy with Miss Lynthia. Although he still has the tumor in the brain but the MRI and blood test results are good. He goes to school and enjoys all the activities there. In fact, he feels better and happier.

My advice for those who have yet to try is to give the bioresonance therapy a chance. Go for an assessment and you will understand more of its benefit on your body!*


Name: Low Eng Chuan
Age: 64
Concern: Cancer Support Therapy

On November 2014, I felt excruciating pain all over my body and been visiting doctors for help. Finally, I was hospitalised and was diagnosed with stage 4 Lung Cancer With Bone Metastases. I went for Chemotherapy as recommended by the doctors. Not long after, the side effects of the Chemotherapy started kicking in. I felt very weak, constipated, hot tempered and could not sleep well.

My niece then introduced me to The A.I.M. Therapy Centre to seek help. It uses a form of non- invasive Bioresonance Therapy to improve my health. The Therapy also able to remove toxins and bad cells from my body and increase my body’s immunity.

Ever since I started receiving treatments in early March 2015, the side effects progressively started to clear up! The pain went away and I could sleep. I feel a whole lot better and have received comments from my friends and family that I look better and brighter than before!

I have been recommending several family members and friends to The A.I.M. Therapy Centre. I believe that Bioresonance treatment will help patients with similar problems. I feel that conventional medicine practices and alternative methods should complement each other to produce better results.*

*Disclaimer: These are the experiences of individuals, your results may vary. You can find our disclaimer at the right bottom of the page.