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without the pain in the head.

Migraines can really spoil your day. One minute you are in the best of moods, another minute you are in pain and really sensitive to strong light and noise. Migraines are hard to overcome, even with strong painkillers.

Migraine is a severe, painful headache that is often preceded or accompanied by sensory warning signs such as flashes of light, blind spots, tingling in the arms and legs, nausea, vomiting and increased sensitivity to light and sound.

There are two types of migraine:

  • Migraine with aura (Classic or Focal Migraine)There is a warning sign known as aura, before the migraine begins. It is generally seen as appearing of colors in geometric shapes in the semi visual field together with aura in the form of light chains. Throbbing headache is mostly at the opposite side of the symptoms and patients may experience nausea, vomiting, photophobia, phonophobia and anorexia. Migraine with aura is mostly observed together with such temporary neurological disorders as visual field disorder and hemi-sensorial loss. Headache generally appears after neurological aura symptoms, lasts about 4 – 72 hours and is responsible for 10 – 30% of migraine attacks.About a third of people with migraine has this. Warning signs may include visual problems (such as flashing lights) and stiffness in the neck, shoulders or limbs.
  • Migraine without aura. (Simple Migraine)
    The typical features of this type are: one-sided, throbbing, in medium or high intensity, growing worse doing routine physical activity, nausea, photophobia and phonophobia. Migraine without aura forms 70% – 90% of attacks.

Using bioresonance therapy, you will be tested against a wide variety of substances to determine causes of your migraine attack. Then this therapy will help to harmonise the disturbed electromagnetic frequencies within the body to reduce your symptoms.*

In 1952 Alfred Vogel wrote in The Nature Doctor page 592:

“Every person and every material has a certain connection with electricity. When undressing at bedtime you may have noticed some items of clothing crackle or you may even see them momentarily light up in the dark. The electrical charge causing this varies with different people, some have more than others. This charge can be restored or increased…

The electrical field and charge are also influenced by where live and in what conditions, it is possible for these factors to upset the natural balance.

Once the balance of the earth’s field is upset, all kinds of disturbances may manifest themselves; for example, we can be overcome by an unnaturally heavy fatigue or persistent headaches, sometimes leading to troublesome migraine or depression. A lack of vigor or initiative often comes in its wake. Worry or nervousness may set in, bothering the sufferer so much that he doesn’t know what to do with his fidgeting limbs. Modern technology enables us to measure this electromagnetic field.”

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