Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy (PEMF)

We are as healthy as our cells. When our cells are not functioning the way they are supposed to, we will experience:

  • Poor blood circulation, low energy, poor immunity, and it will also affect our sleep quality, just to name a few indications.
  • PEMF makes use of low-frequency electronic magnetic fields to recharge the body and heal inflammation at the cellular level.
  • It works by using electromagnetic fields to create pulsing, or moving energy, to relieve pain and muscle injuries.
  • By inducing increased production of ATP within cells, PEMF boosts circulation, oxygenation, hydration and detoxification at the cellular level.
  • PEMF is a proven solution to effectively rebalance cell dysfunction, reduce pain and inflammation, improve circulation, augment sleep quality and boost immunity.
  • It is a safe therapy and has repeatedly shown positive and speedy results for pain relief and muscle injuries.

How does it work?

When NASA sent its astronauts to live in space for extended periods of time, they realized the reduction in exposure to the earth’s magnetic field had an adverse effect on health. To rectify this problem, they researched on the positive effects of Pulsed Electro-magnetic Field (PEMF). Hence the birth of current day’s PEMF therapy.

  • PEMF therapy is modelled after the Earth’s own electromagnetic pulse to improve the astronauts’ circulation and cell metabolism.
  • By 2007 the U.S. FDA had cleared several such stimulation devices for pain management.
  • All living things are made of cells.
  • Our body is composed of about 100 trillion cells with specific functions, and they have a specific electrical charge to function normally.
  • All our organs have their individual bio-electromagnetic field and all the cells in our body connect with each other through electromagnetic frequencies.
  • When a cell is damaged, it doesn’t produce a healthy charge. The cells then clog together, making circulation slow and sluggish.
  • Poor blood circulation and slow metabolism eventually result in inflammation and pain. Chronic inflammation leads to development of diseases.

PEMF is a holistic approach to manage pain.

  • It works by inducing a safe electromagnetic pulse to penetrate the skin to recharge dysfunctional cells, allowing them to increase their functional surface area and thus enhance circulation, oxygenation, and hydration for the cell.
  • Healthy cells can then absorb nutrients and remove toxins from the body more efficiently.
  • When cells are healthy, blood supply in the body will be improved down to the cartilage in joints.
  • Not only is pain reduced, you will find your sleep quality to be improved as well.
  • You will have more energy during the day, enjoy a stronger immunity against illnesses, as well as better blood oxygenation on a cellular level.


While PEMF can boost overall physical health (as witnessed by improved energy and better sleep), it also benefits brain health and neuro-wellness.

  • PEMF has shown to be improving one’s cognitive function and has mood booster effects, addressing city-life syndromes such as brain fog, anxiety and depression.
  • PEMF has a long and proven track record of satisfactory results.
  • PEMF has been resorted to alleviate pain and edema in soft tissues for more than six decades.

Disclaimer: These are the experiences of individuals, your results may vary. You can find our disclaimer at the right bottom of the page.