• Quit Smoking

Nip your smoking habit in the bud – with Bioresonance Therapy.

Smokers will know how difficult to quit smoking, with shaking hands and lethargy that can cause a great amount of distress. Bioresonance Therapy has proven many times on how our customers with nicotine addiction can break free of their chains and be free from smoking*.

The A.I.M. Therapy centre offers a simple stop smoking program and is proving very successful in combating nicotine addiction.

Utilising the body’s own detox system, Bioresonance Therapy is the most natural, non-invasive and non-chemical way to stop smoking, yet extremely effective.  It helps to removes the source of physical cravings for nicotine which can make it so difficult to quit and with this, the desire for the use of expensive nicotine replacement therapy is also removed.

Each Bioresonance Therapy session will take approximately one hour and usually after several sessions, with our clients reporting a high success rate at quiting smoking and staying as a non-smoker after the therapy.

This type of therapy to quit smoking has been featured on many news programs throughout the world for its success in helping people to overcome nicotine addiction.


*Disclaimer: These are the experiences of individuals, your results may vary. You can find our disclaimer at the right bottom of the page.

How Bioresonance Therapy can help you to quit smoking!