Book a Consultation session

Living with an illness can be very difficult, especially when you have tried most conventional solutions and had not gotten any relief from them. The A.I.M. Therapy can help you explore natural therapies for your health issues. In order for our therapists to help you better, we will require to have a consultation session with you to better understand your health.

To get started on your journey to great health, you can either send us an email or simply call us. Alternatively, you may simply walk in and join in the queue with the rest of our clients seeking to enjoy their lives in a healthier way at our centre. You can get our contact details by clicking on the button below or go to our Contact Us page.

Our friendly administrators will then arrange for an appointment with a minimal waiting time with you so that you may find out more as to how our therapies can solve your health issues.



The A.I.M. Therapy believes in seeking the underlying causes of your health issues and treating it instead of just treating the symptoms. The first step in finding the best therapy treatment for you, an assessment with our therapists is needed.

During the assessment, our professional therapists will conduct a standard health screening, as well as a series of state of the art diagnostic tests to build your unique health profile. With no effort spared when it comes to our client’s wellbeing, this process will take up to 90 minutes in order to achieve the best possible results.

You will be tested on:

Energy pathways (Meridians) that are disturbed or blocked

  • Environmental strains
  • Heavy metal and chemical strains
  • Viral, bacterial and fungal strains
  • Food intolerance
  • Chemical additives intolerance
  • Environment pollutants intolerance
  • Spinal problem
  • Teeth and gum problem
  • Food and supplements (patient’s own) compatibility check

After your assessment, our therapists will plan a customised therapy programme for you.


Customise A Detailed Therapy Programme

Our therapists will explain the nature and purpose of our treatment sessions and their associated risks and benefits, the speed of improvement of your symptoms and how we will monitor the specific milestones for your journey of recovery.

Your detailed therapy programme is customised and may involve a number of different natural therapies of which you can undergo at our centre which will allow you to get better without having to travel anywhere else.

We will allow you the chance to ask any questions or to clarify any part of our programme. Our therapists are more than happy to answer your questions or enlighten you on any part of your programme. After all, it is your health that is the most important.

When you have understood your therapy programme, you can proceed to attending your first treatment appointment by booking your first treatment session with us.


Attend Therapy Programme

With your participation and attendance of the therapy sessions, you are expected to be feeling better. However, as professionals in the field of health wellness, we will continue to monitor and adjust the therapy programme according to the real time progress to maximize efficiency and effectiveness while minimizing the number and freuqency of sessions.

Disclaimer: These are the experiences of individuals, your results may vary. You can find our disclaimer at the right bottom of the page.