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We are always glad to hear happy stories of how our customers have overcome their health issues through Bioresonance Therapy. That’s why we share those stories here with you!

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Mdm Ang
Age 55

I had a shocked when I received my blood test report last Dec. My triglycerides level was at 401.36. I was very concern because doctor told me that I have to be on long term medication if it continues to be at the high side. So my daughter recommended me to Bioresonance Therapy to see if it helps. My first session with The A.I.M. Therapy was on 9th Dec. My visits there were very pleasant as the therapist explained to me the programs that she targeted on each time during my sessions to improve my condition. Few things like detoxification, elimination of heavy metals, strengthening of liver function, metabolism and many more. After 6 sessions, I went for a blood test. To my surprise, the triglycerides level went down from 401.36 to 219.73! I was ecstatic with the result. I will continue my sessions for maintenance with The A.I.M. Therapy because I know I am in good hands in order to achieve optimal health as Bioresonance works for my overall wellbeing.*

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Ms K Tan
Age 59

I came to know The A.I.M Therapy through a friend and she tells me how Bioresonance can help me with my body conditions. I went for the Assessment to find the root cause and to understand more what Bioresonance is and can do to help with my conditions as I have tried other treatments (TCM, medications) and none of them helps.

Therapist Jerry Chow is referred by my friend as he sees their family. Not only is he professional in terms of advice and his vast knowledge and experience in skin issues, he has also given me the confidence that I am in good hands and on my way to recovery.

After I finished a therapy course as recommended, my skin condition improved and healed with no more itchiness or scaly patches over my legs and scalp. I used to have bacterial infection at my limbs and now it is gone! Now I am working on other health concerns (3 highs) and skin maintenance with The A.I.M. Therapy to achieve optimal health as Bioresonance works for my overall wellbeing.

Try it and be better! is my advice to all who have yet to try Bioresonance.

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Mdm Lim
Age 51

I'd been undergoing regular maintenance with The A.I.M. Therapy. It’s a natural way of treating your allergies and maintaining the proper frequency in our body system. It also include testing of food allergies that you may not even realized they existed. I would feel a lot better too after the therapy especially when I am down with flu and skin allergy.*

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Miss AA
Age 22

I have been smoking for the last 7 years and I can easily smoke up to 20 sticks in a day. I’d tried to quit smoking by using nicotine gum and patch but it only lasted for few hours and the urge of smoking came back again.

I got to know The A.I.M. Therapy through the search in Google. After doing some research, I finally decided to visit them. I feel that the therapy really works despite the skeptical reviews I read regarding the therapy online. After 1 session, I do not have the urge to smoke anymore. In fact, cigarette smells awful to me now.

I would recommend my friends and relative here because the therapy works! Besides the comfort provided by A.I.M, the centre is also conveniently located in Orchard. For those who still feeling skeptical about bioresonance therapy, my advice to them is to just give it a try and experience the positive outcome on your own!*

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Age 48

I have been trying to quit smoking for the longest time for my family's health. From nicotine gum to even hypnosis, I have tried everything to no avail. Until I came to A.I.M. Therapy for my first Bio-resonance Therapy session when I lost my cravings for the first time! Now I am smoke-free and healthy!*

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Age 13

I have been suffering from sinusitis for many years, and no medicine can help me avoid that drippy nose every morning. Thanks to A.I.M. Therapy and the professional therapists there, I was able to get my sinusitis problem under control through the Bio-resonance therapy. Stocking up on facial tissues is a thing of the past now for me. No more drippy nose!*

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Christine Sim
Age 53

After smoking for 30 odd years, I decided to quit due to throat and respiratory problems! I tried almost every method available and it was never long term. A friend of mine recommended me to try out Quit Smoking Therapy at The A.I.M. Therapy as they were running a promotion at that time. Out of recommendation and curiosity, I called and booked an appointment. It took me a few goes as I was a heavy smoker but now I am very happy to say that the therapy works! It’s wonderful! My body starts to reject cigarettes and I’ve totally stopped smoking! Thank you A.I.M Therapy!

My advice for those who are still looking for ways to Quit Smoking, this is a Must-Try Therapy! Your body and health will thank you for it.*

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Age 36

I always thought my migraines at work was the results of my long working hours, but after seeing the therapist at the A.I.M. Therapy, I found out it was the electro-magnetic radiation from my computer. With the SAV Radiation Reducer recommended by A.I.M. Therapy, I was able to work through the day without fear of losing my precious energy and time from that scary headache.*

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Age 40

Before knowing A.I.M, I often get sick without knowing the reason why. I work in a stressful working environment and my job require me to travel often which could be a contributing factor to me getting sick often. Other than antibiotic, I was unaware of other alternative.

I got to know A.I.M. Therapy through a friend, and she said that A.I.M. Therapy can help to find the root cause of the problem and wanted me to give it a try. I did a comprehensive check and realized that I have virus, bacteria and degenerated cells. So I decided to proceed with the therapy to try it out.

Initially, I was skeptical. As the therapy progress, I realized that I seldom fall sick even in the same stressful working environment. My immunity gradually strengthened and whenever I feel discomfort, the therapy speed up my recovery. Besides, A.I.M helps on my hormone regulation too. The therapy is effective in regulating my menses and reducing PMS symptoms.

I would suggest that those who are trying out bioresonance therapy to come with an open mind and be patient with the results. It might be a good alternative solution for your problem.*

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Age 27

Eczema has been my horrible friend since young and I have been taking so many types of medicine to prevent an outbreak of it. Nothing helps and my skin looks worse every single time I suffered from it. The A.I.M. Therapy has help me overcome my painful illness and now my skin look so much better without all the pain and cracks and swelling!*

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Miss BL
Age 36

I came to know of The A.I.M. Therapy through a friend. The reasons for my visit is that I would like to have a better understand of my body as I do not know why I kept having bloated stomach. After going through the sessions with my therapist, I feel GREAT! The treatments are effective and it resolved my bloating stomach. And eventually the therapy helps me to lose weight too. I was ecstatic as I have been wanting to lose weight but could not in the past. I believe the therapy has helped to boost my metabolism and improve my digestive system. Now I get to know what food is good and bad for my body. And I am more careful to avoid food which are bad for my body.*

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Age 22

I had back injury since 2014 and since then it has been giving me pain regularly and sometimes giving me sleepless nights. I was recommended by therapist Jerry and I thought of giving Bioresonance Therapy a try as I have tried going for physiotherapy with no success. Also, I would want to try to solve an ongoing problem which is my lack of energy.

The therapy was very good. My back pain has been mostly eradicated. On top of that, I feel much more energetic throughout the day, no more sluggishness. Moreover, I felt much healthier, which is the ultimate goal of the therapy.

I will definitely recommend A.I.M. Therapy to my friends and relatives. In my opinion, this form of therapy has been very much neglected and controversial. But the effects of the therapy on me has proved this otherwise. I would want to share my experiences here so that Bioresonance Therapy can be more recognized in Singapore.

I am very impressed with my therapist’s depth of knowledge and attitude towards his customers. Jerry has provided me with the best experience, care, concern and thanks to his professionalism in this field. I thoroughly enjoyed my therapy sessions here! For those who have not tried, please do try before coming to any conclusion. This therapy works miracles!*

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Age 37

My son, Danish has been diagnosed with Germ Cell Tumor in the brain when he was 8 years old. My husband and I were worried of the side effects of the chemotherapy so we decided to look for ways to help him by doing many research on website.

We came to know that bioresonance therapy can provide cancer support therapy so after making an appointment, we went to see Miss Lynthia on November 2012. She did a thorough check on Danish and explained that bioresonance therapy can eliminate toxins in the body and greatly enhanced the immune system which is especially important for cancer patient.

We were at first skeptical but still willing to give it a try with the hope of helping our son. Indeed, he did not suffer any chemo side effect while doing bioresonance therapy at the same time. After several rounds of chemotherapy, his tumor remained the same size and doctor suggested radiotherapy but we were reluctant. Till today, Danish did not go for radiotherapy but continues doing bioresonance therapy with Miss Lynthia. Although he still has the tumor in the brain but the MRI and blood test result results are good. He goes school and enjoys all activities. In fact, he feels better and happier.

My advice for those who have yet to try is to give it a try. Go for an assessment and you will understand more of your body.*

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Low EC
Age 64

On November 2014, I felt excruciating pain all over my body and been visiting doctors for help. Finally, I was hospitalised and was diagnosed with stage 4 Lung Cancer With Bone Metastases. I went for Chemotherapy as recommended by the doctors. Not long after, the side effects of the Chemotherapy started kicking in. I felt very weak, constipated, hot tempered and could not sleep well.

My niece then introduced me to The A.I.M. Therapy Centre to seek help. It uses a form of non- invasive Bioresonance Therapy to improve my health. The Therapy also able to remove toxins and bad cells from my body and increase my body’s immunity.

Ever since I started receiving treatments in early March 2015, the side effects progressively started to clear up! The pain went away and I could sleep. I feel a whole lot better and have received comments from my friends and family that I look better and brighter than before!

I have been recommending several family members and friends to The A.I.M. Therapy Centre. I believe that Bioresonance treatment will help patients with similar problems. I feel that conventional medicine practices and alternative methods should complement each other to produce better results.*

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Kim KS
Age 35

Since our baby is 3 weeks old, she started to have eczema and we thought it is the common milk rashes. Doctor had to give her steroid. However, her eczema was never really cured and she would have minor flare up every 3-4 days. She had a bad flare up at 6 months old and brought her to Paediatrician who also give her steroid and told us to keep moisturising. We even keep changing her infant formula but nothing works. We are unable to give her solid as every food we tried, she had another flare up. She had nasal congestion and fever too. She will scratch herself nonstop and all of us never had a good night rest as it pains to see her rubbing and scratching all day and night.

Eventually, we decide to bring her for an allergy check and we found out that she is allergy to cow milk and lactose intolerance. With bioresonance, she can sit comfortably on the sofa and have her allergy checks without any pain as compared to do the prick test where at least 11 holes are prick on the fragile skin for testing for irritation. It pains to see our kid suffer and ache further if they are put through such test.

Frankly we do have our doubts on how bioresonance therapy treatment but decides to give it a try and her results shows it all. Her rashes subsides immediately after the first treatment and her conditions improves with every subsequent treatment. We can give her solid food and can bring the food or any items to have it checked before using it on her. We are able to know not just whether she is allergy to that food but whether she absorb the nutrients.

Shu Shian has also help to reverse her allergy and strength her immunity so that she can continue to take my existing stocks of breastmilk which contain cow milk content. I am really thankful to be able to continue to use the breastmilk as it takes a lot of sacrifice to pump the precious breastmilk and no Mother wants it to go to waste.

Most importantly, she no longer scratch till it bleed and she get back her fair smooth skin. She is no longer cranky and uncomfortable. She is happy and sleep better. We also realise she can sit and play for longer period of time. All these are only possible with A.I.M. Therapy. Our heartfelt thank you to everyone on the team. Grateful!*

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Lau YZ
Age 26

I have been suffering from severe eczema since young. Tried many methods including visiting skin specialist at NSC but still shows no improvement. One day as I was searching in the internet, I came across The A.I.M. Therapy. After few enquiries over the phone, I decided to give it a try.

I see the improvement just after few sessions! I felt so much better and yet there is no medication involved but only supplements. As I continue with the therapy, I can see the process of healing on my skin.

The staffs and my therapist, Jerry are awesome, friendly, helpful, patient and informative! I’d asked Jerry tons of questions and he answered me almost all. I am glad that I tried and benefited from Bioresonance Therapy. I am an example.*

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Miss BRX
Age 24

I have been having severe eczema since May 2016 and it was spreading through my hands and legs. It started with watery pus on both of my palms. Devastated by this first time occurrence of my life, I sought out different treatment methods but none of them worked.

Subsequently, I encountered Bioresonance Therapy on the internet and visited The A.I.M. Therapy. I was consulted by Ms Lynthia Foo who did a thorough Comprehensive Check to find out the root cause of my condition on 1st September 2016. Following her advice and knowing my allergens, I went through a 10 sessions course of therapy. My frustrated feeling is further being comforted by the nice and friendly staffs at The A.I.M. Therapy. My skin problem gets better after going through a few sessions and at the end of the course, my eczema is healed more than 90%, without the use of any steroids or medications. My therapist also noticed that my emotions are more liven up and cheerful. Now I visit The A.I.M. Therapy as a maintenance therapy session for my well-being and detoxification.

I would like to recommend Bioresonance Therapy to my friends and family. Lastly, my personal advice is to be determined to see result and everyone shall be benefited by Bioresonance Therapy especially for those who are allergic to wheat, gluten and seafood.*

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Lim HY
Age 15

My friend introduced me to The A.I.M. Therapy. Through the therapy, I feel that my depression and anxiety issues had improved so I am overall satisfied. My Therapist, Jerry is very friendly too.

I would recommend Bioresonance Therapy to my relatives and friends as it is effective, painless and non-invasive. Do try it to experience the improvement and effectiveness!*

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Mdm WA
Age 54

I got to know about Bioresonance Therapy through Google. I was having skin condition for more than six months. It started from my fingers. I got so depressed that it got so bad that I have rashes all over my body and both my legs got swollen.

After 10 sessions of therapy with The A.I.M. Therapy, I see great improvement! My skin is so much better that my legs no longer swollen, skin no longer itch as much and begin to regenerate new skin. If you doubt about this therapy, you just got to try it first and experience the result yourself!*

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Mdm Yeo
Age 76

My family recommended me to go to The A.I.M. Therapy as I have constipation, stomach discomfort and always lack of energy. Ever since I started with Bioresonance therapy, my bowel movement has improved a lot and I no longer rely on extra fiber intake. My stomach and digestive system have improved greatly too. I regained my vitality and feel more relief.

Besides that, the therapy helped in reducing my cholesterol level and blood pressure too. I will definitely recommend this therapy to others. It is definitely worth trying in order to feel better. I am glad to be more energetic now and detoxification has improved tremendously. My Therapist, Jerry, is responsible and explains very well and in details.*

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Miss SSR
Age 28

My aunt recommended The A.I.M. Therapy to me after she did research online pertaining to skin allergy. I decided to go for it upon hearing that there are similar cases of healing without having to use steroid and medications in future. Bioresonance therapy has no side effects and prevents flaring of skin in future. During the initial period of therapy, it was tough and depressing dealing with the steroid withdrawal, flaking skin all over the body, and being immunity-compromised. However, seeing an improvement made me feel positive that I am in the process of recovering.

Believing that sharing is caring, I had recommended some loved ones to the Centre and would definitely recommend it if I come across someone who is suffering and need healing. I would like to encourage people who have not tried this therapy yet with these statements: “If there is no pain, there is no gain. In order to have 100% healing via the natural way, the withdrawal process is unavoidable. Be strong and face every hurdle positively without losing faith and hope”.

My Therapist Jerry, has been very supportive and approachable especially during the tough moments of steroid withdrawal. His readiness to respond when I messaged him in anxiety makes this treatment holistic.

*Disclaimer: These are the experiences of individuals, your results may vary. You can find our disclaimer at the right bottom of the page.